The British Diplomatic Oral History Programme

The British Diplomatic Oral History Programme (BDOHP) creates a valuable new body of research material for the study of British diplomatic history.

The British Diplomatic Oral History Programme records the recollections of former diplomats. Through these oral histories, which are conserved at the Churchill Archives Centre, the Programme aims to go behind the official documents to explore how diplomats experienced significant events as well as providing valuable insights into the daily workings of diplomacy. The BDOHP transcripts are increasingly recognised as a valuable source by scholars, writers, journalists and researchers.

How to use the BDOHP

The transcripts of the BDOHP interviews are available below, and these can be broadly searched by subject, country and historical event. You can also try a more advanced search by using the indexed catalogue to the transcripts on ArchiveSearch (which contains information on most of the archives and manuscripts held in Cambridge), or do free text searching within all the transcripts themselves on our Access Portal.


ArchiveSearch catalogue 

Access Portal


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